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Thinking of the girls:

Anna is doing beautifully since visiting a therapist these last several weeks. She definitely seems more in control of herself and we've been able to soften the iron fist a bit. She is so creative and very, very into Star Wars at the moment. Our whole dinnertime conversation was about which movie covered which characters and who died when and who Luke's father really is, etc. Matt was even a bit overwhelmed, trying to remember all these details. I am positive that he was the same as a child! I told him that he encourages the children to ask questions and he provides them with long, involved answers - so this is what he gets now!

Claire has changed dramatically in the last month. She can play harder and rougher. She can tell you what she wants and will refuse to compromise or give on it. She has so much fun playing Clone Wars/Star Wars with the bigger neighbor kids and is not intimidated or scared by their rough play. She is sweet and generous with Katherine and works hard to include her. I am getting to know her better - she loves to play games, work on crafts and pretend!

Katherine is so funny - she figured out how to run around and thinks it is hilarious. She is talking like crazy - ready to say anything. Today's word is "duck" and then followed by "quack, quack". She is totally infatuated with her blankie - saying "mine" and "blankie" often and loudly. She says "Claire" very well but still seems to call Anna Daddy. We're not sure why.

Now today I will organize the toys - throw out the junk ones, store the ones the kids are tired of, and just clean!

I desperately looked for a way to head to Colorado for part of Spring break next week - but, alas, there are just too many of us! Maybe we'll get some sunshine.


ryan said...

of course matt was the same way! rumour has it he suggested that our parents name our sister Han Solo. which, looking back, would have been pretty sweet.

M Butcher said...

Except that she'd now be "Han Jones", which just doesn't have the same ring to it.