This was 5 o'clock on a Friday. It had been a beautiful warm day, almost hot, and we decided to get out "the worm guy". Thankfully the pictures were taken at the beginnning. By the end of the sprinkler play time the yard was muddy, Katherine was shirtless and covered with mud splatter and one of the neighbors came over in her swimsuit to play. I enjoyed talking to her mom while not scolding my kids for getting all muddy. I didn't want it to bother me, I wanted them to have fun and having another mom made that easier to carry out.

Of course, while we were all oustide I was supposed to be making burgers for our friends who arrived at 6:00! Oops. We didn't get to eat until after 7 but, we had so much fun being outside.

I'm working hard to remember it today as I sit inside under several layers looking at a very overcast sky. Warm weather is coming, I know it must be!



Anna has become quite the helper with Katherine. She just loves to get her up in the morning. She has even made her breakfast a few times when Matt & I are still in bed.

Today was so cute. She got Katherine onto her bed, snuggled with her and their blankies and read her several books. She did start to lose her temper when Katherine hit her repeatedly with a wooden wand (Yes, her halloween White Witch one...). She recovered quickly though and decided to get Katherine ready for our walk to school while I finished getting dressed. She dressed her and even changed her diaper! And she did a really good job! Katherine and her were both glowing with pride.

Claire continues to be my little helper. Today I asked her to clean up a bit (she and Katherine had made a schoolhouse in our living room) and she surprised me by cleaning up almost everything! She doesn't really want to take care of Katherine but does a great job of playing with her and being sure she is happy. They get along so well.

These things on top of the sunshine today, the discovery and use of a magic eraser on my walls, a chocolate zucchini cake, laundry in the washer and dryer, our LL sprucing up the yard and porch, me finally cleaning off my desk yesterday so I can see it again, a healthy lunch, time on the treadmill yesterday after a NOT healthy lunch and a park playdate after school are giving me a good mood and joyful spirit.



More Easter pics

The kids had so much fun Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend.

We missed our family so much but were thankful for close friends/neighbors that filled in.

The pictures speak for themselves (and if not then read the captions!).


Easter Eggs

Yes - we have the best neighbor/landlord in the world.

She really likes our kids and invited them up to do some easter egg dying.

They had so much fun! Katherine opted for the dunk-your-hand method of egg dying and cracked almost all of hers. Anna and Claire made some beautiful eggs and had so much fun!

After the egg work, they all went out to show her the Tipi we made. She loved it! The girls also all wore the cute bunny ears she had given them.

It was a great thing to do over this long spring break.


Tipi construction

Day 2 of spring break went much better than day 1. We headed to the Mitchell Museum and learned all kinds of things about American Indians. They made all their own stuff - tools, clothes, housing and even toys. We saw a rattle made out of deer toes. Very cool.

The museum was full of kid friendly, hands-on activities. There were probably 12 or 13 displays full of things the kids could play with or just touch. The half size wigwam upstairs was the icing on the cake. They could hardly believe their eyes and both said, "Can we go in there??" I looked carefully for signs saying "Kids keep out" but didn't see any and the receptionist had said the kids could touch anything except the canoe in the front. The wigwam had been made by locals and was surrounded by an elaborate wall mural, authentic Indian drums and seating for the adults.

After so many years of roped off displays, signs, guards and no pictures allowed museums, this was a welcome relief.

When we got home and Katherine was napping we decided to make our own miniature Tipi. It was fun. We even stripped bark and made rope to hold the top together.


Must eat cake

Cheering myself up with something yummy.

I was supposed to make the ever healthy zucchini bread - I even got a load of zucchini!

But, somehow it turned into this...

If the numerous taste tests are any indication, this should be yummy. This is indeed a homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate buttermilk frosting. And you can't even tell that half of one layer is missing. Now I just have to keep myself (and the kids) from eating it before dinner.


20 months and a star

(The story of the glasses: No, they are not mine. Anna "bought" them at her class store. The kids all brought things from home to sell. I guess some kid's mom is very stylish.)

It's gonna be a great sunshiney day...

We had so much sun yesterday we just could not wait to get out and enjoy it. On our list of "To do" items was to get out the bikes, get on the training wheels and go out and ride them!

The kids had so much fun. Katherine was happy just to cruise around in her stroller, giving a push to whoever needed it. Claire mastered her new bike (Thanks Cata!) quickly and even survived a couple falls with no tears and only perseverance. Anna was frustrated with her rickety training wheels and decided to go without them. She couldn't quite to it on her own yet (our backs are hurting to show for that) but she sure tried and really was determined. For the first time she said she was embarassed that she couldn't ride yet and that made her work harder than ever. Go Anna!

We followed the fun riding with a walk to Central St - stopping for an Apple Pie at Great Harvest (the best bread store in this city) and a latte at the local Gelato shop. The walk home was chilly but we warmed our bottoms on the kids playground equipment and Anna did the monkey bars for the first time! Her hands were sore but her smile was huge!

The girls also met the neighbor girl from right across the street. She is six and will be a good playmate for them this summer. Of course their family is headed to Costa Rica for spring break, along with what feels like our whole neighborhood. Not that I'm jealous....

Today is Palm Sunday - I am so thankful we have a risen Messiah.


Moody Thursday - it comes a week before Maundy...

I am so excited to have sun on a day that is supposed to be rainy.

I am thrilled to see so many plants coming up, tulips, the little ones are even blooming already. Yesterday we saw daffodils in full bloom. The grass is getting green, the trees are budding.

I am a bit exhausted of my crazy 20 month old getting into everything, drawing on the walls, herself, my daytimer, the furniture, pretty much anything she can get to. I am a bit exhausted of my 5 year old asking me to play with her every 5 minutes.

I am tired of trying to master 2 of the 7 things my friend Joline mentioned. I think that I could keep all my floors clean with those methods - just wipe them down every night, sure, piece of cake! I am being sarcastic, really the ideas are great and I think I make a choice to not be constantly picking up after myself - I've always been that way, a little mess I can handle rather than having to put things away as soon as I'm done.

I'm wishing my sweet tooth would just vanish, disappear, become a non-issue.

I think I'll have a cookie.