A magical moment

Came in from chipping away at the sidewalk ice to find Claire reading Katherine Princess are not Quitters. Annabelle is tucked away in her room reading her new library book.

After a few days of crying and stomping and extra-long time-outs, this is a breath of fresh air.

We joke that Wednesdays are the worst day for us. We have an extra long workout for which we get up at 6am, then Matt has a day of meetings and I have absolutely nothing exciting to do and we end with our budget meeting. Today, we added absolutely no sunshine and bitter cold on top. And yet, God provided me with such a fun time with Katherine and little A. today. He provided a nice chat with my neighbors and He has provided this peaceful moment to top it off.

He gets all the glory today.


feeling pushed out

Our new neighbor cannot stand us.

We are too noisy.

Apparently our kids do gymnastics and acrobatics in the house. Not to mention running and playing at very high volumes. We have been asked to have them stop these activities.

I suppose it would be better if they watched TV and played video games after school.

We'd appreciate prayer as we try handle this maturely and lovingly. It looks like we'll have to move sooner than we thought.


Christmas 2010

What a lovely Christmas we had this year. It was marked with many good memories. We were so blessed to have my Dad & Janet come visit us and stay for a few days.

Our extended family showered us with gifts and our tree was quite packed when we got ready to open gifts on Christmas Day. We all felt very loved and made sure to notice who each gift was from and wish they were there with us.

We had a great time making tamales together for Christmas dinner. And the guys really liked roasting the peppers over the gas stove. I think that was a highlight for sure! And how can we forget the amazing chocolate torte! Yum.

We concluded their visit with some ice skating - something we can't do with out help. Thanks to Dad & Janet for contributing by ice skating with Anna & Claire and also sitting with whoever needed to rest. It was so much fun!

Here are a couple pics:

I almost forgot to mention the 8 inches of new snow that fell during their visit! We even went sledding. I know the girls loved having Grandpa run down the street pulling their sled! I'm thankful he didn't pass out afterwards.