Claire is 6! (party pictures)

Claire is a gem, a true sweetheart and has blossomed so much the last few months. She had her biggest party yet (7 friends) and had such a wonderful time. She was just glowing the whole time and was fine with being in charge too!
She picked to have a "Dress Up Party". So, we had jewelry, clothes, a little makeup, colored hair extension and the never-to-be-forgotten Feather Boas!

The girls are getting ready. We are putting in the hair, choosing outfits (if needed) and so on. The little girl in pants and a shirt just was not a girly girl at all - I felt kindof bad for her...

They are laughing at something funny Anna said. The only fighting we had at the party was during lunch - they fought about who could tell their story.
I just loved these girls.

He not only presented Claire with the cake, he decorated it! Thanks to his parents for all those calligraphy lessons. Way to go Daddy!

Claire led a game of freeze dance. This has always been the girl's favorite party game. Which is good because I never plan any games! I had one craft for them to do and that was plenty.

Claire received a beautiful handmade apron and hat. She just loves it! And she has been sharing all her birthday presents so well. She has such a generous heart.

And then we have the cleanup. The whole house looked just like this rug. It took hours to vacuum them all up. I will be finding these feathers for years I'm sure. But, they were so much fun!! And each girl got to take one home. I am officially recommending Shindigz.com for party supplies.

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I'm taking lots of time for reflection and thought lately.

Our home seems very peaceful.

The parenting small group we are leading has been very helpful and motivational to Matt & I. My Moms group has been instrumental in convicting and changing me. God is over it all - directing, guiding and everpresent.

I hope your day is filled with peace.

May the Lord bless you and keep you - may his face shine down upon you.

And you should definitely watch this talk by Donald Miller. Does life seem meaningless and boring? His solution will surely challenge you as it has me!



The weather is changing - at last.

It's cold, it's icy. But, it just feels different.

My internet was out last night and all day today - what a blessing, really. I had time to rearrange, clean house and meditate.

I'm happy to not have my computer?? Okay, then.