Another one rides the bike...

Yesterday was the day for Claire. She was so excited! Katherine's new bike has been a good motivation for the other girls to get back on their bikes finally.

We do miss having sidewalks but are enjoying the fairly quiet, wide street to ride on. Much easier than our busy, car filled previous road.


What the littles are doing

First morning on their own. A. is terrified of the cats and spends most of his time making sure they are no where near him. Katherine is enjoying being the boss of A. and teaching him how to wear heels.

They are so cute together.

First Day of School!

Hurray! The girls started school today.

They are beautiful, excited and anxious. I am thrilled with how much more confident Claire is this year and how Annabelle is so beautiful and put together (she already has an abundance of confidence!).

Katherine was up just in time to say goodbye!


Birthday gifts

Katherine really wanted to open her presents in the jumpolene. Very cute.

Katherine's Birthday(s)

Katherine had many birthday celebrations! We started with a small party with our close friends, then some presents (and donuts) on her birthday morning, cupcakes with my Uncle and family and then a party a few days later for her and her friends. It was nice to spread the gifts out and she had a wonderful time!

Matt's mom gave us this very cool candelabra candle holder. I'm sure it'll be used for years to come.