The kids are so quiet, isn't this nice?

Famous last words of many parents...

We had some fabulous friends over for Memorial Day. The day was wonderful in our new house, we enjoyed the screened in porch and grilled brats and hot dogs. The kids had so much fun playing in our large yard while we enjoyed being together. The oldest said to get the camera and take a picture of them. We had no idea exactly what they were up to - up until then they had just been chasing each other around the yard.

You should know that Matt & I are not terribly good with messy. We try, but in the end we like the kids to keep the house free from mud and dirt. No sticky fingers please, etc.

But, the big smiles on their faces did soften the blow. :)


Pictures from Moving Day

Yes - we made it!

There were days when I thought we'd be camping out at the storage unit with our items. Or perhaps getting all our things to the house and then making the kids move it in. But, God is so faithful and again provided the impossible. We had help to move in, happy kids and a home that was ready for us. And the kids loved helping us clear out the storage unit.

Our temporary housing hosts became as close as family to us and gave of themselves beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are so thankful for them.

Here are some pictures from moving day...


moving forward and getting slowed down

The house is looking great! I've got some updated pictures. The paint is going on, the walls are being finished and we are moving in this weekend! Hooray.

A clean kitchen... Ah. I can't wait to see it in blue.

All that is done here is the chair rail and trim. I was hoping to put white trim throughout the house but we just don't have the time (or money!). This room is going to look great. It should be done today.

Claire & Katherine's room. They wanted one blue wall and the rest pink. I like the light pink they picked out. Annabelle picked the same light pink for her room.

Annabelle's room. She really wanted a day bed. Claire is a bit jealous. But, hey, bunk beds are cool too.

The slow down comes from me nearly slicing off the tip of my thumb yesterday. It made for quite a Mommy-spectacle and the girls had the adventure of going to the ER and all is well. Apparently you can superglue people just like ceramic dogs. It does mean that I cannot do a lot of lifting and moving as I had planned...

In addition, we had a death in the family and our hearts are heavy. Even though you know these things will happen there is still a mourning to experience. All your prayers are appreciated.


Why no posts?

Well, the excitement may have fizzled a bit...

We are in the final stretch, the last hurrah, the end of our world as we know it, or something like that. And it is hard. We are ready to move. Our hosts are having some extended family health issues and are spending their days at the hospital. They are ready for us to go (lovingly of course). We have many many details to work out by Saturday (the day of our move). And I'm just plain sick of working out details. I would appreciate someone to whisk my children away to happy-we-love-your-whiny-kids land, get all my stuff moved out of storage and into my house quickly, cheaply and painlessly, finish all the painting in time and of course pay all my bills. But, this is not going to happen. More likely it will be a juggling game and the main performers are worn out - their arms are tired and the balls are very oddly shaped.

We are tired of asking for help. We are tired of waiting. We are tired of being patient. We are not good at hanging in there because it's almost done. We never have been - I'm seeing that now. Matt & I both like things to work out quickly with no waiting involved.

As soon as I remember to grab my camera before I leave the house for the day - I will take some pictures of the new house. The painting is coming along nicely and the final drywall was going up in the basement today. We aren't sure why, but the rooms down there are getting a nice drywall finish on the ceiling instead of the icky acoustic tiling.

Prayers are appreciated.