Hot Cocoa - it's windy and cold here!

Maybe it's just me.

But, did you know that hot cocoa can be made with equal portions of cocoa and sugar? That means that it really isn't easier to buy a packet/mix. Warm up some milk in the microwave, add 1T of each and drink.

The only thing that's missing is: corn syrup solids, dairy product solids, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate and less than 2% of a lot of things that aren't on the food pyramid.


this is not a joke - Claire grows up.

Claire has decided to stop wearing skirts and dresses. At least on weekdays. She has explained to me very detailed and carefully why it is easier to wear pants to school.

It's funny to us that this is the same age that Anna decided to stop wearing dresses and skirts to school - but she was less precise about when she would or wouldn't be wearing anything. Claire is now committed to wearing jeans on school days. It just started this week and I found myself scrambling to find all the jeans I had packed away and put in the Salvation Army bag! Luckily I found them and we are determining which ones fit just right for her to be comfortable. She's not used to a defined waistline.

And she is so cute!!


Wedding Day Beauties

We are so proud to have 3 gorgeous, charming, unique and lovely girls.

And Congratulations to Abbe & Ryan! What a unique and beautiful and FUN wedding!


They are just 2 months apart in age and they had so much fun together!

We stayed in the same hotel and our rooms were across the hall. We propped the doors and let them run back and forth from room to room.

We discovered that not all parents let their 2/3 year old jump on the bed. Sorry guys - but he's just fine!

Missing that little guy already!