M&M Ladybugs

What fun.

Our LL gave us a book from American Girl about how to make mini sized treats. Anna searched desperately for something we could make with what we have at home.

So, here's a pic of the girls working on their M&M ladybugs. I even made a few. :) All it takes is a couple toothpicks, some melted down chocolate chips and M&Ms.


Cookies and lemonade with a friend today

I told Anna I wanted a picture of her smiling at me. But, I only managed to get one of her telling the other girls what to do.



Our last night in Colorado.

Katherine just loves her family. She has been so free with hugs and talking, everyone is getting a chance to fall in love with her just like we have. My heart is happy.

Anna loves her family so much and has been so emotional on this last day here. I asked her why all the tears about little stuff and she said she just doesn't want to leave. She said later that she wants to go home and wants to stay. This conflict has made her very emotional but I'm proud if her amazing personal insights.

Claire is really happy here and has been getting along so well with her sisters. She is able to play with either one of them and have fun. She knows how to play with Katherine and make her happy and then how to get along with Anna and have a great time.

This vacation has reminded me of how Anna and Claire used to play together before school and friends and emotional breakdowns.

Our trip has been tremendously fun and exciting and really grounding for us all. We are appreciating our family, healing some scrapes and bruises sustained over the last few years and just loving the warm embrace we have received from everyone.

Our future is a bit unsure but God is challenging us (really me) to wait on him and to stop trying to figure every little detail out. He has a plan for us and he has always been faithful.

Pictures will come when we get home.


Vacation time!

I have been offline for a week now.

It is refreshing and yet I have missed my online friends.

I didn't even know that Jon from Jon and Kate was dating! I saw the headlines in the grocery store yesterday. Not that this is meaningful news - cause it is totally not!

We have been exploring the west - first Kansas and then onto Denver. The kids are having so much fun and I think we are too. It is hard being a parent - even the fun times are tinged with whining, crying and the like. But, overall it is just fabulous getting to see all our family and our kids are just loving to spend time with them all.

We can't wait to head down to Colorado Springs next week and see the rest!