Vacation time!

I have been offline for a week now.

It is refreshing and yet I have missed my online friends.

I didn't even know that Jon from Jon and Kate was dating! I saw the headlines in the grocery store yesterday. Not that this is meaningful news - cause it is totally not!

We have been exploring the west - first Kansas and then onto Denver. The kids are having so much fun and I think we are too. It is hard being a parent - even the fun times are tinged with whining, crying and the like. But, overall it is just fabulous getting to see all our family and our kids are just loving to spend time with them all.

We can't wait to head down to Colorado Springs next week and see the rest!


Anonymous said...

The Jon & Kate news is all over. I know it isn't important, but I just feel for the family as their hardship and ways of dealing with it are almost hourly posted on the web and on magazines.

Angie said...

I agree. It is heartbreaking really.