moving forward and getting slowed down

The house is looking great! I've got some updated pictures. The paint is going on, the walls are being finished and we are moving in this weekend! Hooray.

A clean kitchen... Ah. I can't wait to see it in blue.

All that is done here is the chair rail and trim. I was hoping to put white trim throughout the house but we just don't have the time (or money!). This room is going to look great. It should be done today.

Claire & Katherine's room. They wanted one blue wall and the rest pink. I like the light pink they picked out. Annabelle picked the same light pink for her room.

Annabelle's room. She really wanted a day bed. Claire is a bit jealous. But, hey, bunk beds are cool too.

The slow down comes from me nearly slicing off the tip of my thumb yesterday. It made for quite a Mommy-spectacle and the girls had the adventure of going to the ER and all is well. Apparently you can superglue people just like ceramic dogs. It does mean that I cannot do a lot of lifting and moving as I had planned...

In addition, we had a death in the family and our hearts are heavy. Even though you know these things will happen there is still a mourning to experience. All your prayers are appreciated.

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Karen said...

EXCITING! Glad to see some updated posts. :) THANKS for sharing. Thinking of you guys as you are in transition and moving again soon.