The kids are so quiet, isn't this nice?

Famous last words of many parents...

We had some fabulous friends over for Memorial Day. The day was wonderful in our new house, we enjoyed the screened in porch and grilled brats and hot dogs. The kids had so much fun playing in our large yard while we enjoyed being together. The oldest said to get the camera and take a picture of them. We had no idea exactly what they were up to - up until then they had just been chasing each other around the yard.

You should know that Matt & I are not terribly good with messy. We try, but in the end we like the kids to keep the house free from mud and dirt. No sticky fingers please, etc.

But, the big smiles on their faces did soften the blow. :)

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Karen said...

ha ha - WOW! that does look really fun AND messy! We had either a Memorial Day or Labor Day one year where I went to the store and when I came home the boys had been playing with the hose in the yard and were muddy and had already come in... mud was on the walls, the carpet, the stairs, everywhere! I wasn't too happy! Hopefully since you saw all this BEFORE they entered the house you were able to avoid major mud mess!