A magical moment

Came in from chipping away at the sidewalk ice to find Claire reading Katherine Princess are not Quitters. Annabelle is tucked away in her room reading her new library book.

After a few days of crying and stomping and extra-long time-outs, this is a breath of fresh air.

We joke that Wednesdays are the worst day for us. We have an extra long workout for which we get up at 6am, then Matt has a day of meetings and I have absolutely nothing exciting to do and we end with our budget meeting. Today, we added absolutely no sunshine and bitter cold on top. And yet, God provided me with such a fun time with Katherine and little A. today. He provided a nice chat with my neighbors and He has provided this peaceful moment to top it off.

He gets all the glory today.

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Karen said...

Praise the Lord!
Good job seeing the blessings amidst the difficulties.