Tipi construction

Day 2 of spring break went much better than day 1. We headed to the Mitchell Museum and learned all kinds of things about American Indians. They made all their own stuff - tools, clothes, housing and even toys. We saw a rattle made out of deer toes. Very cool.

The museum was full of kid friendly, hands-on activities. There were probably 12 or 13 displays full of things the kids could play with or just touch. The half size wigwam upstairs was the icing on the cake. They could hardly believe their eyes and both said, "Can we go in there??" I looked carefully for signs saying "Kids keep out" but didn't see any and the receptionist had said the kids could touch anything except the canoe in the front. The wigwam had been made by locals and was surrounded by an elaborate wall mural, authentic Indian drums and seating for the adults.

After so many years of roped off displays, signs, guards and no pictures allowed museums, this was a welcome relief.

When we got home and Katherine was napping we decided to make our own miniature Tipi. It was fun. We even stripped bark and made rope to hold the top together.


Karen said...

how cute! Sounds like a great time - and fun to "bring it home" by making your own Tipi. :)

ryan butcher said...

so this man runs into a psychiatrists office screraming " i'm a teepee! i'm a Wigwam!" and the good doctor says, "relax, you're too tense"

(it works better if you say it out loud.)

i heard that in a liguistics class. sadly, thats the ONLY thing i remember.