It's gonna be a great sunshiney day...

We had so much sun yesterday we just could not wait to get out and enjoy it. On our list of "To do" items was to get out the bikes, get on the training wheels and go out and ride them!

The kids had so much fun. Katherine was happy just to cruise around in her stroller, giving a push to whoever needed it. Claire mastered her new bike (Thanks Cata!) quickly and even survived a couple falls with no tears and only perseverance. Anna was frustrated with her rickety training wheels and decided to go without them. She couldn't quite to it on her own yet (our backs are hurting to show for that) but she sure tried and really was determined. For the first time she said she was embarassed that she couldn't ride yet and that made her work harder than ever. Go Anna!

We followed the fun riding with a walk to Central St - stopping for an Apple Pie at Great Harvest (the best bread store in this city) and a latte at the local Gelato shop. The walk home was chilly but we warmed our bottoms on the kids playground equipment and Anna did the monkey bars for the first time! Her hands were sore but her smile was huge!

The girls also met the neighbor girl from right across the street. She is six and will be a good playmate for them this summer. Of course their family is headed to Costa Rica for spring break, along with what feels like our whole neighborhood. Not that I'm jealous....

Today is Palm Sunday - I am so thankful we have a risen Messiah.

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