Anna has become quite the helper with Katherine. She just loves to get her up in the morning. She has even made her breakfast a few times when Matt & I are still in bed.

Today was so cute. She got Katherine onto her bed, snuggled with her and their blankies and read her several books. She did start to lose her temper when Katherine hit her repeatedly with a wooden wand (Yes, her halloween White Witch one...). She recovered quickly though and decided to get Katherine ready for our walk to school while I finished getting dressed. She dressed her and even changed her diaper! And she did a really good job! Katherine and her were both glowing with pride.

Claire continues to be my little helper. Today I asked her to clean up a bit (she and Katherine had made a schoolhouse in our living room) and she surprised me by cleaning up almost everything! She doesn't really want to take care of Katherine but does a great job of playing with her and being sure she is happy. They get along so well.

These things on top of the sunshine today, the discovery and use of a magic eraser on my walls, a chocolate zucchini cake, laundry in the washer and dryer, our LL sprucing up the yard and porch, me finally cleaning off my desk yesterday so I can see it again, a healthy lunch, time on the treadmill yesterday after a NOT healthy lunch and a park playdate after school are giving me a good mood and joyful spirit.


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