Possesives and Negatives

Since my last post about Katherine, she has mastered the possessive.

"My cup"

"That is mine"

"Daddy's shoes"

She has also mastered at least the negative form of question answering. That's right -- the infamous "no" has taken center stage in Katherine's vocabulary. To what extent has "no" taken root in her vocabulary? Ask her a yes/no question and you will get one of two answers:



"No... mmmmm... yes." (Sometimes shortened to "no-yes." Example: "Katherine, would you like a cookie?" "No-yes.")

After a while, you get used to the constant divvying up of everything into "mine", "daddies", "M'na's" (M'na is Anna, Care is Claire). And the "no-yes" becomes so familiar you find yourself saying it, as well.

But when Angie went to give me a hug the other night, Katherine surprised us with this one:

"NO! Daddy is MINE!"

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