What Kids Say

Sometimes kids say the funniest things.

Do birds lay crayons?

The other day, Claire asked me, "Dad, can I get a clutch of crayons?" A clutch of crayons? I wish I knew where she learned that term, though I'm sure the association has to do with clutching one's fist.

Getting Possesive

Katherine is verbalizing more and more.

Katherine points to her cup of water: "Mine!"
Katherine points to my glass of water: "Daddy-mine!"

What an interesting way to form possessives. Tonight at dinner, she asked for some "Busho." I told her I didn't know what that was. She pointed to the piece of pizza in my hand and said "Daddy busho." Phonetics is not her strong suite.

The Tooth Fairy cometh... or not

Anna lost a tooth yesterday. She put the tooth under her pillow, but the "tooth fairy" forgot about it. Anna, the early riser, was up at the crack of dawn. She came into our room, woke me up, and said, "Dad, the tooth fairy didn't come last night." I listed off a litany of excuses on behalf of the doubtlessly beleaguered fairy, but Anna was not impressed.

Fortunately, Claire is a late sleeper. When she woke up an hour later, she found a note under her pillow: "Where's the tooth?" Anna was relieved. The tooth fairy just got the wrong bed.

Tonight there's a note under Claire's pillow. It says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My sister is in the other room. She lost the tooth.

Please leave me candy.


I guess they learn quickly.... though why the Tooth Fairy would leave candy is anyone's guess.

On a final tooth fairy note, a friend of mine told me this story.

His son, Timmy, is best friends with John. At school the other day, John lost his tooth. That night, as he settled into bed, he tucked the tooth under his pillow. "Mom," he said, "Don't forget to leave the front door open."

His mother, confused, asked why.

"Because Timmy's mom needs to come in and trade my tooth for a quarter."

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M Butcher said...

Since writing this less than a week ago...

Claire got here candy.

Katherine has mastered the possesives.