There have been challenges with raising our kids - some harder than others. We are all growing and learning from this.

We are working to encourage the good more at our house. It is surprisingly challenging to remember to say "Great job!" or "You are so creative when you color on the walls!", etc. It doesn't mean there are no consequences for bad behavior but that there are also consequences for good behavior.

Yesterday was such a good day for Anna - not a perfect day, but a good one. And she needs affirmation that good days are great! She also needs to know that a good day is not a day where she was perfectly nice all the time.

So, as I was affirming her last night, working hard to let her know how great she was to Claire, how kind and considerate and then pointing out how great that made Claire feel too, she said the cutest thing:

"Mom, I feel so great, it's like I'm one of the top 12 finalists for American Idol!"

My heartstrings were definitely pulled.

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Cuppa Jo said...

Angie, I know this feeling you are experiencing! I know this. I soooo resonated with this post.