Claire's 5th Birthday

Wow, 5 years since my little Clairey appeared. She is so precious to us.

We adore her perseverance and her loving and kind heart. She is stubborn, silly, prone to outbursts, easily distracted and just adorable.

We had a Fairy Tea Party for her birthday. She also wanted unicorns included (just like we tried last year) but this proved too hard to do. She invited some friends from school and a close family friend. The party was so wonderful, the whole day was wonderful!

She started her day with some presents (we open presents in the morning around here) and then had her party at 11am. She then played outside with friends in the beautiful sunny warm weather. After so much fun Anna left for a pool party and Claire got one-on-one time just with Mommy. We had so much fun playing Pollys, her new Princess and the Pea game and beads.

We finished the day with her birthday dinner choice of mac-n-cheese (we added some Organic Chicken brats for those who don't like mac-n-cheese - the grownups) and American Idol.

Fun fun fun.

Here are the pics:


Karen said...

WOW! Such a big girl! Happy Birthday! Love all the photos. :)

Karen B said...

Yay, looks like alot of fun!