American Idol night

We had an All Girls American Idol night.

Thanks to Becky for the great idea - they have all family American Idol nights!

Claire was a little confused about what American I-doll was. In the middle she asked, "Where are all the American Girl dolls?"

Each contestant was first evaluated for looks - being a boy of course counted double against them. Being a boy with earrings and a headband really brought your approval rating down. Being a pretty girl with a sparkly or brightly colored dress counted for bonus points!

I could tell they were missing their favorite man when Claire said, "I hope Daddy is watching American Idol too." It was fun. We started late so I could fast forward through all the commercials - I love DVR - and then ended right at 9pm.

A little late for a school night but, fun! And now Anna can agree with all of America - Simon is just so mean!

We finished with a special 5 minute snuggle in Mommy and Daddy's bed. This sounds cuter than it actually was. It actually involved much flatulence, giggling, tickling, poking and kicking. All done in love of course.

It was a good night - except for missing Daddy.

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