Neighbor update

Well, our neighbor has been covered in prayer. It's the only way to survive. She has not slept for 2 days. We have also been awake at night quite a bit listening to her stomping and screaming for hours on end. Matt & I agreed that prayer is our only option. We don't know if she is angry with us or just taking it out on us. It seems something bad is happening in her life and she is very unhappy.

She doesn't know that I sent the kids outside to give her some quiet today - she probably is fuming that they were inside dancing earlier. But, God knows. He knows our hearts and it doesn't matter what she thinks.

Today when Matt left to work on his dissertation he was a little worried for our safety. But, God is in control. I pray that he heals her brokenness and she can find peace.

Oh and only 6 days left. Cause - I'm totally counting!

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