Nearly there...


Entryway - this is where they accidentally put in hardwood floors. I'm glad we had them redo it in tile as originally planned.

The Family/Dining Room - looking in the kitchen. The open door goes into the garage. I can't wait for the new light fixtures and paint in this room. It's going to be totally different.

The Master Bedroom
The basement bathroom shower. It turns out this will only be for the shorter members of our family. It's kindof a funny little shower. But, no mold and it'll have a light on Monday.

The upstairs bathroom. I love this tile! I went to Lowe's and picked it up myself to be sure I got what I wanted. And I'm glad we used the black instead of trying to find little blue tiles. It'll be more versatile this way. We also installed a European vanity - it's so little and cute. Very practical for a little bathroom like this.

We're hoping to get the painting done next week and get ourselves moved in shortly after! We can't afford to have the doors (or windows) painted yet but hopefully that will be a manageable DIY project in the very near future. We are going to have the trim painted white. There are still going to be plenty of "projects" to do, but the big stuff is nearly done and we are super excited.

I'll post some final before and after shots when we are done with the upstairs.

The basement is pretty much the same until the village inspection. And there is no electricity so it is impossible to take pics down there.

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Karen said...

wow - the hardwood and new carpet and tile looks GREAT - sure is coming along! Keep putting up pics as you can. :) Fun to see this work in progress.