I need to upload new pictures. The problem is that I am essentially working outside the home now. I do get to bring my 3 year old with me but I don't have my things, my schedule and I feel like I'm driving around a lot more.

I am thankful to be able to continue watching A. while we are between houses but it means coming to his house every day and still working on moving out of our previous home.

Today marks the final day of moving out. All the items that didn't fit in the moving truck have been slowly taken the storage unit. Many items went to the new house to sit on the back porch. And today the piano and large desk went into the garage. The guys doing the construction have been wonderful, planning the construction accordingly and moving so fast!

I'll post some pics tonight if I have the energy to plug in my camera and computer. The hardwood floors are done and the tile gets put in tomorrow!

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