Easter 2011

Have I mentioned we are staying at a beautiful home while we await our new house? It's more like a retreat. Today the house cleaners came. We all came home to our beds made, rooms tidied and floor sparkling. I am trying not to get too used to this. It was just lovely.

We have so enjoyed the company of our hosts. They are loving, funny and generous. It is so hard to take kindness from others. Especially when they truly ask nothing in return.

A note on Easter: A few days before Easter Claire asked Jesus to be in her heart. She had all the knowledge but just didn't know how to accept Christ's gift to her. It was a wonderful thing to pray with her - even though it was way past her bedtime. :) Her favorite subject in school is Bible. She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up and, despite her shyness, even read a book to the younger kids at Moms group this last Monday. She does not like to be the center of attention but will talk and talk if in the right situation. My heart rejoices that she has chosen to let God be in the forefront of her life.

Annabelle accepted Christ at 4 years old and now doesn't really remember. Her mind is full of questions and frustrations. She wants miracles, she wants instant answers to prayers, she demands explanations! I pray she learns, as I did, that God works in his own time and when we trust him and not ourselves we will see his miraculous ways every day.


Karen said...

It's so green and lovely there! It snowed here in Easter!
What a joy about Claire asking Jesus into her heart. We serve an awesome God!

Valerie said...

So exciting about Claire!