American Girl Doll - Birthday treat

Ah yes - 7 years old means American Girl doll in our house. We made a weekend of it and spent 2 nights at a hotel down the street from the store. The weather was cold and windy and the room was small but nobody complained that we were too loud, so it was wonderful!

After spending several hours in the store - we headed out into the mall to open up her new "Kit" doll and try on her new outfit (thanks Coach & Nana!). She also got "Ginger" so Kit would have a pet.

Claire has been super generous about sharing her AG doll with Katherine. She lets Katherine carry it around and play with it. They also played with their fairies and Kit together at the hotel.

Claire is such a beautiful, wonderful child. Our family would be so imcomplete without her. She loves to talk in detail about different events in her life - including how she chooses the right socks for the outfit, why she likes to arrange her dolls a certain way, how she plays with her toys and exactly how she figured out a hard math problem. We work hard to listen to her, give her lots of one-on-one attention (her love language!) and help her rest when she has had too much time with people. She is helpful, generous and patient - and she knows it! I love it that my girls know what their character qualities are. They will tell you what they are good at and why they are important to our family.

Happy Birthday to our special Clairey!

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