Winter Well Being

Anyone wondering how I'm fairing this winter? Anyone?

I am doing pretty well actually. I have found that my well being is greatly affected by several factors:

1. Amount of sun exposure
2. Regular workouts
3. Healthy eating
4. Taking vitamins
5. Adequate sleep
6. Time in prayer/meditation

It seems to take about a day to recover if one of these basic winter needs is not met. So, if there is no sunshine for a few days then I crash. I will recover after a sunny day. If I miss one of my 3 weekly workouts, I crash. It usually takes a few days to recover from that one.

But, as long as I am mindful of these things and stay focused I am doing really well. I have been braving the 15 degree weather and walking to and from school. I do NOT enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but when the sun is out I find I am energized the next day.

Also, spending time praying while I run has been transforming. I find myself focusing on others instead of myself which in turn makes me feel better. I am finding myself volunteering to serve and help others which ends up refueling my spiritual tank as well. For the first time in years I am growing and changing in a way I am pleased with.

Now, I have just got to get some pictures up here!


Cuppa Jo said...

Hey, I read this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

Yes, I do wonder how things are going during the cold, dark times of winter (it isn't even winter yet). I am encouraged by your list of 6 things you are doing. I am not doing them all and plan to add some into my routine.

I appreciate your blog. Thanks - keep it up. EL