Let us sing

I am surely crazy.

I volunteered to sing at church on Sunday. With the choir. On the stage. In front of people who I do not know (we don't really know anyone at church yet).

But, I have been enjoying wonderful memories. The memory of my Dad singing his warmup "song" before church. I remember just marveling at how beautiful a voice can sound. I didn't know how to make my voice sound like his but I just loved to hear it.

I also remember sitting in the church doing choir practice every week. And then on weekends for special concerts. I certainly did get into a lot of things I probably shouldn't have but I was completely independent. And I enjoyed listening to the choir members banter, the laughing then singing - so wonderful.

Right before I got pregnant with Anna I took some voice lessons. It wasn't long but it sure helped me to think about how to sing. So, although I am no amazing vocalist, I think I'll be a nice addition to the group. I am actually looking forward to it with only a slight nauseous feeling.

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