Up on stage

Oh my - I had so much fun! What happened to nerves, being scared into standing still, and anxiety? I felt at ease and perfectly peaceful singing in the choir today. I also enjoyed bringing my outgoing, fun Anna with me to the 7AM checkin time. She was so excited to be there - it reminded me of all the years I went with my Dad to play rehearsals and choir practices, happy just to watch and be there.

Now I should put this morning in perspective: There were about 25 of us, off to the side of the stage, singing 4 songs.

As far as what to do? We were told to please let our inside praise show on the outside. Really? You mean no one will look at me funny, like um, could you please not raise your hands and not seem to be overly enjoying this - we are at church, you know? I had full permission to show how I felt and I was excited about that.

This was truly God's work. I am normally shy, reserved and not one to go overboard. But, in private I am really moved by music, especially when praising God. So, it was fun, I was not Angie, but a "choir singer". I was more outgoing, more friendly and happy.

Praise God! He truly shined through me despite myself.

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