Christmas goodies

So, I apparently have been co-dependent on my extended family in one way I had never realized.

I have never made Christmas cookies. Okay, I've made sugar cookie cutouts but those don't really count. I mean those delicious, buttery, bad for you, only-made-once-a-year kindof goodies. The famed Yule Cake, the delicious fudge, the wonderful assortment of chocolates and brownies and the like - These have just been taken for granted.

This year is the first time we are not with our family over the holidays. And I am craving all kinds of things I wouldn't normally eat.

My mom sent a basket full of goodies with a note that says - don't open until Christmas! What?! I want to open in now, today, yesterday really.

All of this is good news really. I made snowballs! These are buttery, melt in your mouth sugar covered balls of yumminess. And I'd like to say that I made the best ones I've ever tasted. They are moist, yet crunchy, buttery yet soft, sugary yet sugary. Okay, they can't really be too sugary. They were easy to make and everyone was so excited to eat them!

Now comes in the restraint.

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Karen said...

I want to eat your picture! My mom makes those every year (calls them butterballs) and I could eat a million at once!
Like you, I've never really done much of the Christmas goodie baking on my own. I usually do some with my mom each year - but she does 75% of the work! This year - we decided to cut back on the sweets and made a gingerbread house with the kids. FUN - but not the same as butterballs! :)
New Year blessings to you!