Veg update

Well, the month of vegetarian meals continues. We're at about 65% veggie dinners. It has been fun. Matt is super happy and the kids are learning to be happy about it. Ha.

Yesterday, we had cherry turnovers for breakfast (totally NOT healthy), the kids decided not to eat the lunches packed for them and then I made Vegetarian Burritos for dinner. This was not my night to make a kid friendly dinner and I was nervous that they wouldn't eat and would be very unhappy.

Well, as I have heard, hungry people will eat almost anything. And they mostly really liked it. Even Katherine gagged down some of the bean-heavy burritos. She had a grimace on her face the whole time, but she was hungry so, down it went! And, from a grownup perspective, the burritos were really, really good.

As we transition our eating habits, I feel I should emphasize the transitioning part of it all. You can't just sit down and start eating quinoa and barley and lentils and enjoy it. So, a little extra seasonings, a little extra cheese and it's a hit!

Note: homemade beans are totally worth it! Soak overnight and all day on low in the crockpot. That's it.

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