I have been called

to rescue others from packets of Hot Chocolate.

That stuff is just not very good. It's got hot and steamy going for it and not much else. Certainly not good flavor!

So, I discovered something others have always known, I suppose. It is really easy to make your own hot chocolate on the stove.

2 c. of milk (any kind)
2 T. cocoa (the Hershey's Dark chocolate cocoa is pretty good)
2 T. sugar

Mix in pot on stove. Warm on stove. Drink. Optionally top with marshmallows.

I heat my on high and just stir constantly. Today it took me 2 minutes to make. This is totally scalable too. I have made a huge pot or just a single serving. Yum.

My kids are totally spoiled now, no more mixes here!

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Cuppa Jo said...

I'm with you. We haven't bought hot chocolate packets in years. Our latest kick at bedtime is warm milk with a bit of gingerbread syrup mixed in . . . yummy.