Parent Teacher conferences

Ahh, the opportunity to gush about my children.

We had both the girls conferences on the same morning. It was nice because Matt could come without missing too much work and the girls could come and hear from their teachers how well they are doing.

I was expecting good things from Anna's conference but was not expecting it in the areas it came from. The teacher praised Anna for her problem solving and ability to express herself clearly. She said how much she liked that Anna thinks about her answer before she gives it. She has even noticed Anna's "thinking face". She also said she uses Anna to help her with her lesson plans. Anna reads over her ideas and then says if she thinks it will work well. Anna was just beaming through the whole conferences. The teacher did point out some areas she needed to improve. She needs to read a little slower, taking time to process things a little longer. She also needs to work on her handwriting. Overall, we were just so proud!

Claire's teachers gushed just as much over her. She is compassionate, considerate and sharing. She doesn't cling to just one friend but is a friend to all. She will sit with anyone at any table. She focuses on her work and really works hard to do a good job. She is becoming quite an artist and is beginning to describe her pictures with words. She participates in class and is raising her hand to ask questions (something her shyness has prohibited her from in the past). She is just so comfortable in the classroom and so so happy. It was great to see her teacher glowing about Claire and how she has come out of her shell and is so much fun.

Matt & I couldn't be prouder of our girls. We just love and adore them beyond words. We want them to not only reflect our parenting, but also God's love and blessings over them.

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