It all started with a $5 bill.

Matt & I are working with cash only around here - this has seriously curtailed our spending and works very well as we try to pay off debt and become unified in money matters. It also means, no cashee, no buyee.

So, I was sure I didn't have any money left and this had made my biweekly walks to Central Street hard. Especially since I walk past the Great Harvest bread store every time. I figured I could check out a few movies at the library for free and then walk quickly past the yummy bread smell. But, when reaching for my library card, I spotted the fiver. A fiver!! I was so excited. Would I choose a scone, loaf of bread, cinnamon roll, cookie? How could I choose?

It happens that a fiver is not enough for a loaf of their bread (hmmm, never noticed that when I just put it on the card) but is enough for a tea cake. Tea cake makes me think tea party. And what to do when 2 of the girls are coming home at noon??

Katherine and I got to work - we made little sandwiches, a veggie bowl, cut up fruit, made tea and sliced the main attraction - a blueberry lemon tea cake. And Katherine set the table with her birthday tea set and silverware (thanks for the birthday money fam!).

And, to make it even more exciting, Anna's best friend and her mom came too! They had so much fun and I got to sit and relax with a friend.

This is after the party dress up play time! Usually, Katherine and Claire are left out - not this time! Thanks go to Anna for sharing her playtime/friend.

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Val Jones said...

I love that you said "tea cake makes you think tea party" because it reminded me of "if you give a mouse a cookie he'll want a glass of milk to go with it..."

Hope Chi-town is treating you well! :)