Single weekend

Phew - the weekend without Matt is done. He's headed home now. Unfortunately he had to take a cab, but it means that there are 3 clean and happy girls all snuggled in bed instead of a crazy family home late from a long drive to the airport.

We survived the weekend by being really sad for a little while and then moving on to Saturday morning cartoons, Chuck E Cheese for several hours, and then home to run around like crazy from all the sugar and excitement. The girls had one of their favorite meals for dinner - Ramen noodles. Then it was early bedtime for Katherine so we could have a Girls movie night. We watched The King and I and then all headed to Mommy's bed for a "sleep-under".

While we snuggled close, we talked and talked about what it would be like if our house was made out of candy. It was really fantastic to be all cuddled up together in my bed with them. They were warm and cute and snuggly. Around 9:30 Claire fell asleep and Anna began her wiggle-fest, trying earnestly to fall asleep. She was so disappointed that she couldn't get to sleep in my bed.

I put her to bed in her room and then carried Claire into her own bed. I was asleep just a few moments later - all that snuggling really made me sleepy!

The next morning we skipped the early church service because apparently Claire just couldn't walk. Every so often some kid's legs just don't work in the morning. They hobble about clutching to various pieces of furniture in pure agony from the... I don't really know what it's from, just an anonymous pain of some sort. I try not to laugh but it seems a bit far fetched to me.

Once Claire had "recovered", the girls played happily and then we set off for church. Everyone had a good time, I enjoyed it tremendously (although it is never the same without Matt) and everyone was happy on the way home.

We all noticed that the weather has mysteriously changed from the day before. We had gone from icy cold to nice and warm somehow. So, off went the sweaters and we headed to the playground! It was so so lovely outside. The leaves were falling, although they were a bit soggy from all the rain, the sun was shining and people were outside again. We ran into one of Claire's classmates at the playground and I really enjoyed the conversation with her parents, a.k.a grownups.

We came home to have tea and watch the rest of the movie. The girls really liked the movie and Katherine entertained herself pretty well. Anna & Claire then decided to set up stores - Claire set up a bookstore in my room and Anna set up some kind of shop in the living room. I managed to bathe the girls in between their games and everyone stayed happy. They even happily cleaned up the huge huge mess they had made. That is a true blessing. We enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and then off to bed.

Now, Matt is home and all is well. God is so good to me.

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