Rough Friday

I feel like I have spent the last 2 days cleaning sheets, mattresses, blankets, etc. I was not prepared for wet beds and did not have the proper protection in place.

The vinegar with baking soda approach was completely unsuccessful. The cat odor cleanup spray seems to have worked. But, where does my child sleep while 2 beds are drying out? Nothing is drying here right now - it's just too humid. The clothes I hung up to dry are starting to mildew.

And then today, after school, we had complete meltdown and I have been screamed at, hit, and told I am hated by both older girls. I would like to let them sleep on peed on beds, fix their own dinner and put themselves to bed.

I know I'm supposed to be above all this, they are just kids, I am in control even if they don't like it. I will not be treated badly so they will spend the whole beautiful afternoon in their rooms and I will joyfully make dinner. But, it still stings a bit.

Blog as therapy.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
God is in control.


Angie said...

I guess to make up for this stinky day my kids just ate vegetarian lasagna - without complaining.


Cuppa Jo said...

I so appreciate your honesty. This is where Mom's need other Mom's and need to resist trying to come across as if life in a house with children is always hunky dory.

We use pet spray on Zane's bed at least once a week . . . we also have very absorbent protectors from One Step Ahead. They work great.

September 11th just continues to suck, does it not?

Stampcos said...

We used a waterproof crib pad, turned horizontally, between the mattress pad and bottom fitted sheet, then another pad on top of the fitted sheet, covered by a lengthwise folded flat sheet tucked tightly into both sides of the bed (like hospitals do). When, not if, there was an accident in the night, we simply pulled the folded half-sheet and wet pad off the bed - an there was a dry bed underneath! It worked for us. Sorry life has been challenging.