Hamburger night

I have tried to start a regular schedule where I make the same thing on certain nights each week.

So, every Friday we're going to have hamburgers and every Saturday we're going to have pizza. You get the idea.

This has totally not worked.

The first Friday is great. The next one is great. The third one is going good - we've got this hamburger thing figured out. But, after that, it just starts to fall apart. I am getting tired of the taste of hamburgers. I don't want to make them anymore. They used to taste so good, now they are just okay. I don't appreciate them or look forward to hamburger night. So, they've gone off the schedule.

I thought about trying to replace it with a spaghetti night but I cannot imagine eating spaghetti every week!

So, I'm back to trying to plan a whole month worth of original meals because someone (namely ME) can't eat the same thing every week and possibly not even more than once a month.


Cuppa Jo said...

We tried this at one point also, and it didn't work for us either. Although Friday is always pizza night. That's a given.

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Try doing different variations of pizza...I am going to post something within the next week or so that the kids would love!

Also, have you ever made inside out hamburgers? Put the cheese in the middle of the patty instead of on top? You can always make different kinds of hamburgers, instead of just the plain old hamburger....Chili-cheese burgers, Teriyaki and pineapple hamburgers...just a thought.

Hang in there!