Playschool for Katherine

I took Katherine to her first "playschool". The class was so small that they are going to cancel it but, we'll go on a different day so it'll be fine. Today it was just her and the teacher and me. She loved it.

The teacher put paints, paper and brushes in front of her. She very shyly looked at the paints. Then, she very very tentatively put a brush in the paint and drew on the paper. She grinned and then gave me a brush so I could help. After a few minutes of this I think she realized that nobody was going to take it away and she really cheered up. She decided to ditch the brushes and finger paint. She has never finger painted before. It's sad really - I just haven't been up to the mess of 3 girls fingerpainting and am currently out of paints at home. She got very giddy and was laughing and having tons of fun painting her hands and making handprints.

Then it was on to puzzles and books and dolls and other toys. She had so much fun!

We'll go back in a few days to join the other class and share the time with other kids - I hope Katherine enjoys it so much again!

After we had lunch I decided to take my very sleepy girl on a walk. The weather was humid but cool today and she fell asleep within 5 minutes. We had a nice walk, I picked up a coffee and she slept for about an hour in the library. I was able to look around at books without having to watch her constantly. We have a very small local library that is the size of a small store but has an amazing amount of books. I picked up a movie and lots of good books for the kids. We head there about twice a week.

Anna is reading voraciously, about an hour or more a day. She is also doing excellent in school and is more interested in her friends than us. Although she still has a special place in her heart for her sisters. They hug each other before school, all of them. Claire is learning to express herself, loudly. She is also reading and learning so much every day. Katherine is being independent, nicely and not. She does not like confined spaces, too much quiet or playing by herself. And she will not stand to be left out of anything.

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