Monday, money and missing out

Moms group was today. I am actually not totally wiped out today. It was low key and easy. What a difference from last year for me. I don't know if it is just not having 2 kids home with me or what. We'll see how next week goes when I'm bringing all the kids! (No school for Yom Kippur.)

This is the last week of the month. The "please don't let me spend all the money" week. We started the Magical Super Money Makeover (or something like that) by Dave Ramsey. I tried not to - it just seems to faddish, too "Purpose driven life" for me. But, as the debt was beginning to multiply, we just had to figure out how to handle it.

Turns out it costs money to go to the ER - like maybe my whole deductible!

And I probably should have planned ahead to pay for Matt's Dissertation tuition. Turns out you have to pay whether you write it or not. I don't intend that to sound mean - Matt is working hard on it, just not on paper yet.

And the gift wrap sale is here - ugh. We decided to just give money to the school and not get any of that cr**. Although I should say that there is some very nice, high quality wrapping paper for sale and I would love to hook you up with the school website so you can purchase some! ;)

So, back to Ramsey - he enabled me to finally not overspend my budget this month and to actually have a "budget meeting" with Matt. So, we'll give it a year or so and see where we are at.

Sadly, we are not headed to Colorado for Christmas. I asked Matt to break it to the family, and I'm sure he'll send a nice email sometime but I have got to get it off my mind. For the first time ever in our entire lives, we will not be with our extended family for Christmas. But, we must focus on getting ourselves financially responsible and so, no vacations, no extra spending, no eating out - now you know we are serious. Hopefully it'll be very short term and then we can go back to living it up! (Using only cash of course).

I'll have to expound more another time on the new sensation of using cash, not spending money I don't yet have and watching my bills go down. It is pretty exciting.

I totally need a cheer me up picture now! Looks like it's going to be Katie Mae, 1 year ago.

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