Two or three??

I have often recommended against having 3 kids. I have even told other moms to reconsider their thoughts to have more. The 3rd one just pushes everything from calm to chaos. You become outnumbered. Your orderly schedule and plans are thrown up in the air. You no longer do things quickly and easily. Someone is always straggling behind. It's just so hard.

Well, I have changed my tune. I absolutely love having three girls. I feel like I have a "big" family without the actually bigness that would be required. If one girl wants to do something quietly then there is usually someone else to play with. We don't have a lot of times where someone is left out. We used to when Katherine was littler but now the older girls usually find a way to include her too.

It is fun to think of what our trips and activities will be like as the girls get older. They will be old enough to play games, real games.

I'm happy to see that things have calmed down and I truly am thankful for my three. So - to all that I told not to have three - go ahead and do it! It'll challenge you and will force you to give up control, but these are not bad things. The benefits are worth it.

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