AZ returns to bite.

Not only was my trip to AZ spur of the moment, it was financially hard.

But, I truly loved getting to see my family and I should not complain about money...

The story goes -
Anna was so sick and I was very distracted the morning I left. I had to wake the very sick Anna up at 5AM and get her to the car and then get to the airport by 6:00. I was so worried about her and anxious about getting to the airport from my brother's house.

I ended up rear ending someone right before returning the rental car. I was going approximately 5 miles an hour and I did not see any visible damage. But, I haven't heard for sure if I will be charged anything.

Then today I got a speeding violation from the AZ Dept of Transportation. Ugh. At 5:51 AM the morning I left. Can't I get a break? And I have to pay extra because of it being in a rental car - some kindof administration fees.

And to top it off - the IRS is not happy that Matt sold more books last year and we have to shell out an enormous chunk of change. It's like trying to dig your way out of something while someone is throwing more dirt on top. But, I'm not planning on using fire or violence to deal with it. I promise.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

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