A friend's travels

A friend is moving away today.

Ever had a friend that didn't require work? A friend who was just always there - it didn't matter if you didn't call for a few weeks, or forgot their birthday? They were just always there, like family. If you needed anything, they would jump at the chance to help. If they needed help, they would ask you for it. I didn't realize how much I took that for granted, or how I felt about her moving away until today.

Driving away from her house I felt the tears coming. Oh my. I'm going to miss her! I am rarely the one not moving. I'm not as familiar with this feeling. Usually I'm sad to leave people but excited about my new adventure. This time I'm just sad - no new adventure awaits. But I am so excited for her new adventure! Her chance to move out of the city. To have real closet space, a real kitchen and a yard!

I already pray for her and her family daily and I am so thankful for the 5 years of friendship so far.

Safe travels Becky! You are already missed. And, Yes - I'll come visit when you're ready for me. :)

Cami & Anna
May 2005 and Feb 2010

Natalie & Claire
May 2005 (w/ a friend in the middle) and Feb 2010

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