Update on Anna

I decided to call the nurse hotline. They asked me a gazillion questions and then said that I should call 911 and have an ambulance come for Anna. Eek! I worked hard to not freak out. The paramedics came and said - oh, she's fine. We'll take her if you want but she seems fine. So, I decided to keep her at home.

Later - when she was noticeably not improved and refused to drink any water at all, I decided to take Anna to the doctor. They said that she seemed very dehydrated and I should take her to the ER to get some IV fluids. She was just laying on the doctor's table, struggling to get up and keep her eyes open. I get a little worried when I have a hard time waking my child up. She also has severe stomach pain and a low grade fever - nobody seemed too concerned about that though.

So, we walked over and Matt met us there. She wanted him to stay with her and honestly, I think that is better. I would just worry and worry and cry. Now I can do all that in the privacy of my own home. Plus Matt has been on Mom duty all weekend and I'm sure another night of making dinner and putting the two little ones down would just wipe him out.

Keep us in your prayers. I'm sure she'll be fine, but I think I need them.

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