Another day at home.

Anna is on the couch, barely awake. I've never seen one of my kids sick so long. I'm trying not to worry. I'm sure she's fine. Matt says she'll start feeling better soon. She is eating, a little. But, it looks like no school this week.

Katherine is enjoying lots more TV than usual. I'm feeling a little cabin fever. Praying for sustenance and compassion for myself. God has been faithful.

Today we have subzero windchills and snow on the ground from last night. But, we have sunshine and clear skies. So, I am not complaining.

Claire is line leader this week at school. This is such a blessing for her, she normally would never get to be in the front of the line. She would let others go first and also be sure to stand next to her best friend. It was great to see her beaming as she led the line into school today. She has blossomed so much this year and has made many friends.

Thanks for checking in!

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