Anna's health

My poor Anna.

We headed back to IL yesterday morning, leaving my brother's house at 5:30AM. Anna slept all the way to the airport, slept the whole first flight and then laid on the ground while we waited for our connection home. The flight to Milwaukee was similar except she was terribly airsick and I got to experience use of those little bags in the pocket. (Frontier's are quite nice actually.) After landing, she managed to walk the whole way to the car and then was barely coherent as I drove home. I seriously considered stopping at a hospital, I was so worried. Instead I stopped and got her a popsicle which she really enjoyed.

She has not been able to keep anything down, despite feeling a bit better yesterday. Last night she was up several times throwing up water. I'm already feeling anxious due to the return to 15 degree weather, absolutely no sun, not taking vitamins for several days and no hope of getting the ymca for a while. So this is a bit hard to handle. But, I am so thankful to be home. I missed Matt & the girls so much.

Keep her (and me) in your prayers today.

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Cuppa Jo said...

Done. Just prayed for her.