Singing at school

I made a quick run to the school to see Claire "sing" (more like chant) a MLK song for school. It was adorable, precious and cute. She was so scared about this school assembly. She was mostly concerned that she wouldn't be standing next to her friends. She ended up right next to one of her good friends. She was too shy to do the singing but did tried a few hand motions before her hands ended up in her pockets. It was reminiscent of her preschool experiences except this year she had a big smile on her face.

I found myself thinking about how much I love Claire, how sweet she is, how generous she is and how she will make a wonderful wife and mother some day. And I realized that before too long I'll be rushing to the school to see Katherine in a school performance.

Health update: Anna is eating and was painting this morning, so she is on the upswing. Katherine has a 101 fever. I'm guessing she picked up something from the Dr's office. She had her hands all over everything there yesterday. I am just really tired. I'm hoping for a restful weekend.

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