Parties and Winter/S.A.D.

I've started the write many blog posts and never get past the first line.

Life has been cruising on as normal.

I've had a bit of a blog crisis.

What is the purpose?

I don't really want to grow my readership or use this blog for much.  It's mostly for me to keep track of what is going on around here.

I suppose having a few interesting reviews or practical advice couldn't hurt.  I'll see what I can do.

At the moment we are recovering from a very busy weekend.  We have been hosting monthly table groups at our home.  These get togethers are so much fun and we love seeing everyone connect but they certainly stretch Matt & I outside of our comfort zone!  So, Friday we hosted that and then Saturday was Anna's 11th birthday party.  The part was super fun and all my planning really paid off.

Today is our recovery day - we are all feeling a bit under the weather and it is beyond dreary outside.

Also to note is that I've been trying light therapy for my S.A.D. this year.  I'm not sure what to say so far.  I really do think it helps.  Yesterday I was in a stress, crisis, I can't do it all funk and the weather certainly did amplify that.  I spent 2 hours unable to get out of bed and much of the day I found myself in tears for no real reason.  But, by the evening (and 2 light therapy times) I was feeling much better and really enjoyed Anna's birthday party.  Today I spent the morning at home and rested while the family went to the first church service.  I was able to come to the 2nd service and really feel pretty much normal.

So - so far I'm making it - although I feel kindof disabled with not knowing how I'll feel from one day to the next and trying to be sure I take care of myself.

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Karen said...

taking care of self is sure key - and I do think that light therapy helps! HUGS