Thankful Five #4

Life has been busy.   I seem to hardly have time to think but in some ways I'm enjoying it.  I will find my balance but for now I'm enjoying having lots of things to do and feeling useful.

Here are my Thankful Five:

  1. A fun job - My new job as "Operation Manager" is truly a blessing.  I have never had so much fun working anywhere.  Not even as a dog washer or a restaurant hostess.  I know both those jobs sound thrilling.
  2. Fun times with each of my girls - I have been able to enjoy playing Elefun with my 5 year old, Rummikub with my 8 year old and coloring with my 10 year old.  How cool is that?  I'm learning to set aside my own frustrations with parenting and discipline and just have fun!
  3. Geocaching - This is a very cool "sport".  People hide caches all over the place.  There are at least 40 in our small town.  We have found 5 and many were in places that we go all the time.  We would have never even know there was a little container there without our compass.
  4. A trip by myself - It's true, I get to go on a trip all by myself for the first time in many years.  I am headed to Arizona to see my brother and his family, many aunts and uncles and my Dad too!  I just can't wait.  I'm sure I'll miss my family terribly, but a little absence is sure to make all our hearts grow fonder.
  5. Peace with the job change - I recently got together with the family that I used to babysit for full time.  I have struggled with knowing if I made the right choice by not choosing to continue watching their little boy (and new little one!).  Their recent life changes involve moving into the city!  This means it wouldn't have worked for me to continue.  I am excited for their new life - they are choosing to be closer to the ministries their heart's are passionate for and I feel peace about my choice.  And we are still great friends.  


Karen said...

Angie - it's so wonderful to hear all that is going on and that you are thankful for! Geo-caching is SO much fun for the whole family - it really is. :) Excited about your trip. SO glad to hear about your job change - God knew the future and paved the way for your family and their family with the way things have turned out.
I'd love to hear more about your new job.

Anonymous said...

Angie, I love that you are doing some blogging. You are so gifted at sharing. What a great thankful list. I am so thankful for #5, I know it was a tough decision (and I miss seeing you more often) but wow, how #1 and #5 dove tail together - it is all working out so well. Praise God for this working out so well. I would also add a 6th point of being so thankful that your 1/2 marathon was so successful both health/personal wise and raising money for the cause. Wow - a trip by yourself - cool.

Great on having fun with the kids - I am going to have to google what Elefun is though.

I am learning more about my Mac and excited to keep doing so. I am going to try and do some photo book stuff on line as well as with the hard copies. I plan to do some stuff with you too. I am hoping that Jan-April can be a big time for me to do stuff with my own as well as your photos. I didn't realize how busy the Fall is with a h.s. kid, it has been a marathon and busy so many weekends.

I don't know how to publish, except anonymously, but this is me, Elizabeth

great to see your new decision for your blog. I am going to read more past posts - I love the added tag line, The Bunk Stops Here!