My Ideal Day!

I am joining into the fun and writing a prompted post for Jason Womack's Ideal Day Contest.

I would love to win my ideal day, wouldn't you?

courtesy of Will Merydith
My ideal day begins with quiet.  It started the night before with a night for 2 (me and the hubby of course) in downtown Chicago.  We awaken to our beautiful lake view and order room service for breakfast.

After our leisurely breakfast and warm showers, we head downstairs to visit several of our favorite museums.  We take our sweet time going through every facet of the Field Museum.  We enjoy reading every plaque and flyer as we enjoy the lack of whining, complaining or anyone having to pee.

We have a lovely lunch in a classic Chicago restaurant (fill in any here) and head home for pizza and movie night with our kids.  They, of course, miss us and are well behaved for the evening.

Ah - when do I get to have my ideal day??

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M Butcher said...

Wow. That's pretty close to *my* ideal day. There's just a Bears game missing.