Only the good? (Thankful Five)

Here sits a nice happy, family blog.  I struggle with posting either only the good in our life, or keeping it real with a bit of the bad.  I also struggle with only wanting to write about the bad (possible venting) and just put up pictures of the good.  Pictures speak for themselves right?  I don't want a picture of tears and fighting.  But, a picture of hugs, laughing and good experiences is awesome!

So - today is a non-picture taking kind of day.  The camera is tucked safely away, possibly it will come out for tomorrow's holiday.  If we can drag ourselves out of the nice A.C. to the suffocating heat, that is.

I think I'd better take some advice from my new friend and co-worker, Carrie (check her out here!).  Let's see what I am thankful for.
  1. A house large enough to find an escape when it's all just too much.
  2. A husband who wakes up when I can't sleep and scratches my back to help me settle in.
  3. The makings for a really good sandwich just happening to be in my fridge.
  4. An upcoming trip for my 10 year old and lots of family to show her love.
  5. A very healthy family at the moment.
Ah - I feel a little better.  Okay - I feel a lot better.  I think that is a practice I need to do a little more often.  I'd love to hear what you are thankful for too!

(Happy thoughts mean...  yep, a picture!)

Last week we visited our favorite Chicago beach.


Carrie said...

Love, love, love, love, LOVE!!!!!! And, of course, sharing on Facebook for all to see! {Happy Dance} :-)

Molly said...

Fess up... which is your favorite beach??

Angie said...

Favorite because we have just always gone there. We used to walk there several times a week. Lots of memories of my girls when they were little. It's not very clean, no bathrooms and very diverse. Loyola/Albion Beach.