Going to keep running

So, the time has come.

Yep - got this beautiful couple at the store yesterday.  They are so gob-smacking beautiful I almost don't want to wear them.  Except, I do and I will.  ASAP!

I went to a real running store (the clerks wear running clothes instead of suits) and got some actual potentially expert advice.  It was like going to a spa after only having gone to Great Clips your whole life.  I felt pampered, appreciated and loved.  I'm totally taking my kids there to get their school shoes.  They better appreciate the cost of all that lovin'.

If you care, the shoes are Brooks Ghost 5.  I wear orthotic inserts (thanks to my parents for the genes) and needed shoes with some stability but not too much.  I've been having some significant foot pain the last few weeks after my runs, so I'm hoping this helps.

I also bought some much needed new socks and they are so beautiful I almost took a picture of my feet.  I told Matt that my feet (size 9!) actually looked cute with these socks.  Note: running socks are not cheap so it helps if they are cute.

Wish me luck!

PS - you can totally support my run here.


Molly said...

Headed to get some fancy shoes is definitely on my "to do" list too. I can't believe how expensive running socks are! But, I remember from my previous stabs at running that they really make a HUGE difference.

How are the new shoes treating you?

Angie said...

They were kindof hard to break in. But, now they are great. They are actually really great for running and not so much for walking. Now I need new walking shoes - cause no self-respecting Chicagoan wears running shoes to walk around town. ;) PS - my socks were about 7 dollars a pair! But, my feet are happy.